Painting for me is marveling life.

I’ve had the privilege to work with this wonderful process since 1999, the year I graduated as a visual artist. The process teaches you, as you learn a new language through the laws of materials. I would describe it as having a discussion with the technique of painting and through that learning this new language. This world of experimenting and epiphanies intrigues me and doesn’t let me rest – it lures me again and again back to my atelier. Moments of observation are important. Even in the slightest moment where paint paste pushes another, I feel the moment has passed a lifetime.

Being an artist is a great gift. Creativity and creative work are part of the fruitful life of miracles and marveling. In my opinion, painting describes life. Coincidence and the mind of the material sets me in the wonderful seat of a spectator. My emotions roam in the same place where they go when I sit in the forest and am in awe of everything around me or when I’m walking on the beach feeling the folded sand between my toes. Lines and color pastes show the continuous movement of the world and life. Moment and eternity meet in my artwork.

What I do is what I am and what I think about when I’m painting. I go through life and its great questions while I paint. In the midst of all this greatness, the gratitude and longing for beauty are embodied in my paintings.

Welcome to my atelier!

Do not hesitate to contact me by email and request a meeting. You can find my atelier in the old village school of Kärkkäälä, in Suonenjoki, Finland.

If you would like to purchase modern art, you can find my work on my website. Available for purchase are nature and abstract paintings. Contact me by email! Art can also be purchased with part payment or art rental principles.